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Thieving Chickens and a Bible School update

Dry, hot and windy… A fascinating, partial eclipse of the sun by the moon… Ants, termites and cockroaches parading through the house…

…. and a plague of chickens that race joyfully across the road every day to devour our vain attempts to grow stuff!  (Thankfully, they haven’t found Peter’s tomatoes around the back yet!)

At the Bible School, (which seems to demand 7 days a week for Peter) the eight new 2-year course students are working hard, and I'm enjoying my contact with them in the classroom. Please pray for one student who struggles with reading and writing, having had only four years of primary schooling. Two promising students on another course have not returned due to relationship problems, and that has been disappointing.

We sometimes hear of family violence and suicides and of evil spirits playing havoc with Muslims and Christians alike. The other Saturday morning in our fellowship group, a young girl in the home we had gathered in was writhing under the power of evil spirits. The group prayed en masse for her – loudly, insistently, while hatred in her eyes plagued by the evil one challenged us all. But Jesus won the battle, and the small mud-brick house became a house of peace. Praise God!

The 3-year students are facing a research project, a terrifying prospect for some! Pray for the staff members overseeing that, that they might gently encourage and direct their assigned students. The topics chosen by the students include: Evangelism amongst the Muslims of Kondoa, The place of children in our Diocese, and Christianity in the Burunge tribe.

We had a day’s break from Kondoa three weeks ago. There was a big outreach in the area of Kingale, where Christians are very few, and on the Sunday we piled up the vehicle with people wanting to be part of the service out there. A vibrant team from Dar es Salaam was leading the outreach: a preacher, singers and dancers to attract outsiders, and deafening loud-speakers! The service was held under trees near where the church building has been started. Most people sat on piles of bricks for the 2-3 hour service, although four plastic chairs were found for the clergy up front. The only other piece of furniture was a table brought in upside down on the back of a bike. There was a big thrust for pledges for the new church building Many promises were made, still waiting to fulfilled... We did get some rice and beans before the afternoon outreach but we were all very tired and thirsty when we returned to Kondoa, well after dark.  The road is dark and treacherous when there is no moon, but Peter got us all home safely. Thank you Lord.

We're looking forward to a week’s break this month! We take a 6 hour bus ride to Arusha on Friday October 14, and the following day a flight to Entebbe, Uganda! From 17 -21 October we'll be part of a CMS Mission Partners’ Conference, staying on the shores of Lake Victoria. It all sounds wonderful to me – after 13 months in Kondoa.  Please pray for refreshment and rejuvenation as well as being a useful part of the Conference!

2 thoughts on “Thieving Chickens and a Bible School update

  1. Thank you for sharing your continued journey of mission and may God bless your work and experience in Uganda. If you ask me… those pesky chickens would serve you better in a roasting dish!… hehehe

  2. You will be at Entebbe now. I prayerfully hope that your time there will be all that you hope for and more. Hopefully someone willmake sure that the chickend know their boundaruies in your absence!
    Blessings on all you are both undertaking.

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