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The Ordination

It was a cool morning in June as we walked down the hill, across the bridge, and up to the Kondoa Anglican Cathedral. Peter was one of three deacons and eight priests to be ordained by the Bishop of Kondoa, Given Gaula. We were blessed to have five other New Zealanders with us on that special day, including Rev. Andrew Allan-Johns, our Vicar from Rangiora, who had the privilege of both leading the Ordinands’ Retreat beforehand and preaching the ordination sermon. Special friends from Dodoma, Canon Richard and Christina Kanungha, also arrived for the weekend.

The procession of clergy, from the Diocesan Offices up to the Cathedral, was shepherded by the Bishop, replete with mitre and accompanied by joyful singing. In fact, much of the 5 ½ hour service was filled with singing and dancing! It was all recorded on Skype, thanks to the expertise of John Mock, one of the NZ team, and relayed back to Rangiora where some hardy souls were sticking it out late into the night! (Tanzania is 9 hours behind NZ time.)

Peter looked the part in cassock, surplice, clerical collar and black preaching scarf. Now the big day is over, he can wear the white alb donated by Lincoln Parish in Christchurch, the beautiful stoles that have been sewn and embroidered by some ladies from our Rangiora Parish and the different coloured clergy shirts provided by a lady north of Auckland.

We are so thankful for the amazing support of many, many people.  Please pray for us as we step into additional roles and expectations!  BWANA ASIFIWE!

4 thoughts on “The Ordination

  1. I am sorry that the timing of my visit did not coincide with this blessed event!! My heartfelt congratulations Peter and Christine and we thank you both sincerely for your ministry in Kondoa. The people there are truly blessed to have you in their midst. Please know that with each step you embark on heralding the hope, joy, and love, of our blessed Saviour, my prayers are with you also. Kia tau te rangimarie ki a korua.

  2. So great to see where God has lead you and how you both have responded. A big day for you Peter and as big a commitment asked of you Christine – we pray for you both.

  3. How wonderful! I do praise god for what he is doing in your country . very Lovely !

    1. I love the opening sentence of “walking over the bridge and into the cathedral ” I could almost picture the scene,but not really for i have never been there in person only knowing so many CMS people who have been in this Diocese. What a thrill for the people of Rangiora and the gathered people singing and dancing. Psalm 150 illiustrated
      Blessing by the bucketful

      Florence Chambers

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