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The  Kenya Kiwi Encounter

The visit by the Kenyan team to our shores in October expressed the spirit of the Maori proverb “With your basket and my basket the people can thrive.” The team of 22 came from Nairobi in response to God’s call to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. The journey began with huge lessons on radical faith; most of the team waited for their visas to be issued on the day they were due to leave. Such stretches of faith would put many on edge but the team believed to the last minute that God would open the door for them to come here to encourage the Church in mission.

Spending time at a Marae in Ruatoria, engaging the homeless in Newtown, Q&A time with youth in Christchurch and sharing about Jesus on Auckland’s Queen St gave the Kenyan team an epic Kiwi mission experience. They also shared their vibrant music and many in the congregations couldn’t resist dancing to the African beat. There were many Gospel opportunities and space to experience the beauty of NZ as well as a fitting Maori farewell.

The team left having learned many lessons, such as the challenge of Biblical illiteracy in Kiwi schools and youth groups, the lack of confidence many have in the Gospel, and the need for more workers especially among youth. If you’d like to explore how your church could develop a partnership with one in another culture, drop me a line.