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Tests and Oxygen

Thanks for all your prayers for my recent Spanish test. I'm very happy to report that I passed! Language learning has been a big part of my first term in Spain and I can see that to love and respect the people and culture well here it is essential to be able to share life in their heart language. I’ll always be a Spanish language learner and I'm incredibly thankful that this term of full-time learning has given me a really good base in the language.

Oxygen Groups

The church Oxygen group I'm part of continues to challenge and encourage me to keep prayerfully and intentionally being alert for people who want to discover more about God. Please keep praying for people in the church that are living out this method of church planting. 

Leave & Home Service
You may already know that I'm due to go on Leave and Home Service very soon. During some of this time I’ll be visiting supporting Churches to share about this term and also what I will be doing when I return to Spain. I’m also looking forward to spending time with people over coffee or food (very Spanish!) and of course being with my family.

For prayer

Please pray for preparations for Leave & Home Service. I’m very thankful for NZCMS for their help with this and giving me time to debrief well when I’m back. Pray for the different Oxygen groups within the church. Pray that we are persistent in prayer and available to how God wants to use in his work in our area. Please pray too that we may find people who want to invite us into their lives and are curious to read the Bible. And give thanks for the Women’s Retreat and also the Church Retreat that happened recently. They were both precious times to get to know people deeper, enjoy God’s word and experience a slice of the countryside.