Family Ministry Director

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A church in Hong Kong is presently looking for a Family Ministry Director. Resurrection Church is part of the Anglican Church in Hong Kong. It’s an English-speaking, contemporary, evangelical, Spirit-filled church serving both expatriates and locals  in beautiful Sai Kung.

They are looking for a Family Ministries Director who is theologically trained to help  develop and grow their work amongst children, youth and families, helping them to become committed followers of Christ. This role will include leading a team of volunteers, supporting and coaching them to achieve the objectives of the Family Ministry. This is a full-time position. For more information, contact mikeruth@nzcms.org.nz 

Communications Officer Job

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What will it take for future generations to become passionate about global mission? What will it take for the church to re-imagine her place in God’s plan of redemption? What will inspire the next wave of reformation, renewal and revival in New Zealand and beyond?

The answer: STORY.

Stories are what free our imaginations and enable us to dream in new ways. Story is what shapes how we see the world. And story is how we can ensure people not only know about mission, but see themselves a part of it!

We’re looking for a new Communications Officer who can help us capture stories of mission and convey them in a transformative way. You’ll be responsible for planning, editing and overseeing the production of a variety of mission publications that help tell the story of NZCMS and our work today. This requires both creativity and an eye for detail.


Applications close this October 20.

A job description can be downloaded by clicking here.

For more information please email Janet@nzcms.org.nz

Vicar and Associate Minister Positions in Asia

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Here are two job vacancies in South East Asia. If you know of someone who might be interested in these positions, please send them this page.

All Saints Church would like to welcome a new Vicar and Associate Minister to their team. We are a vibrant church, serving the English speaking Christian community of our large South East Asian city. Our ±250 members come from different countries, cultures and denominations, yet together we serve Christ and each other by “knowing and making known the love of Jesus.” We offer a wonderful congregation with which to be a part, with salary plus benefits including housing.

Key responsibilities:

To lead and pastor one of the two Church centres and the congregations who meet there. To work as part of a Ministry Team and for the Vicar, to lead this team To disciple our church members and evangelise other English-speakers To further develop our small group ministry To strengthen our witness in the English language schools and this community For the Vicar, to lead the church in the further development of the church land

Essential qualities:

Strong English speaker and must be an ordained Anglican Priest Ability to work as part of a team Leadership and pastoral experience, cross cultural and multi-denominational skills Willingness to come to South East Asia through a mission agency


For more details please email office@nzcms.org.nz

Jobs of Hope

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Hope International School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is currently searching for a number of new staff. It’s a fantastic Christian school providing an internationally recognised education for the children of missionary families and other expats.

The roles that need filling are diverse, including primary and secondary teaching as well as key administrative positions. One of the most important roles that needs filling is that of the Chief Finance Officer who will oversee and develop the financial, accounting and business/administrative personnel of the school.

For further details about this or any of the vacant positions click here.

More hands needed

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I’ve been having a great time interacting with patients at World Mate Emergency Hospital in Battambang, Cambodia. But I have a significant problem. As it turns out, I only have one pair of hands and that isn’t nearly enough to handle all the work that needs to be done!

If you would like to help out, there is an opportunity for short term volunteers in my activity programme.  Are you planning a holiday in Asia?  Could you call in to help for a while? Drop me an email at annemcc3@gmail.com if this interests you.