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Peter’s Ordination

How did it come to this? It wasn’t just a thought I dreamed up one night. Ordination has been suggested from time to time, even while we were in the Diocese of Central Tanganyika years ago. I often replied, “I think that I can minister to people better without having to be ordained.” Ever since I arrived here in Kondoa people have called me mchungaji which literally means pastor of a church. The three year Bible School course has four pastors amongst the students I teach, and most of the staff are pastors also. Chris questioned me at one point: “Isn't it rather strange you’re the Bible School Principal while caring pastorally for ordained people?”

For a third time I was asked to consider the possibility of putting my name forward for ordination. A lot of thought and prayer followed and, with a message through Chris saying “Don't be stubborn like a mule,” I had to consider that maybe I was being just that – stubborn. Our Bishop, Given Gaula, came round to ask for a second time. “What has the Lord been saying to you about ordination?” he asked. He was overjoyed when I agreed.

4 thoughts on “Peter’s Ordination

  1. Peter, you don’t know me, but I know +Given, and I can just imagine the look of joy on his face when you agreed to ordination. It would light up the night sky! Every blessing as you keep doing what you’re doing, with this new tool in your kitbag.

  2. Kia ora Peter, you may already be ordained as I can’t remember the date it was set for. This song we are all familiar with comes to mind:

    Brother, sister, let me serve you;
    let me be as Christ to you;
    pray that I may have the grace to
    let you be my servant too.

    We are pilgrims on a journey,
    and companions on the road;
    we are here to help each other
    walk the mile and bear the load.

    Kondoa is now better off with an ordained servant as yourself, coupled with the love and support of your beautiful wife Christine God has certainly rewarded us with your ministry. Ma Ihowa koe e manaaki e tiaki i nga wa katoa (May God’s steadfast support and guidance be with at all times of your ministry).

  3. What absolutely outstanding news St Michaels Henderson wishes you every blessing

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