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Dreams in the Middle East

Here's a story from a partner in the M.E.

Last week we were visiting Aisha when her 8 year old son started to tell us about the dreams he had been having. The first was a dark dream of a man telling him to do something wrong. The second was a “good man dressed in white” telling him not to do it, and the third was another dark dream where the man said not to believe the man in the good dream. But he said he didn’t believe the man in the dark dream and wanted to follow what the “good man” said.

“You know God loves you very much,” we said.

“No, God doesn’t love me,” he answered.

We told him the story of the prodigal son, and shared how God is like the father in the story who runs to us when we go to him, no matter what we have done in our lives.
We prayed with him - that he wouldn’t get any more dark dreams or dreams of  war, and he hasn't since then.