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Croatia visit

In April we spent just over three weeks in Croatia. One week was spent at the European Christian Mission (ECM) biennial conference, where we gathered with 450 adults and children for a week of teaching fun, and fellowship. For both of us the week was also a great way to meet with and have face-to-face conversations with the different ECM leaders, and for Féy to connect with the missionaries she works with in her ECM roles. Week two was spent relaxing after the biennial on the Croatian Island of Krk in a lovely little apartment owned by friends.
During the third week we visited all the ECM missionaries working in Croatia. In total, including the drive from Albania to Croatia and back, we drove 2400km.

Fey's work within the ECM leadership team has a number of aspects. One of those is building relationships with missionaries and Field Leaders in Croatia Austria, and Romania. Driving to the Biennial gave Féy the opportunity to do this in Croatia as it was very convenient to take time to do that on the way to and from the conference. Another aspect of Féy's work, for which I heard a lot of positive feedback, has been (with a team) reviewing all the projects across ECM and reworking the different project request forms. Her work is valued, and as a result Féy was recently asked to join the ECM International Leadership Team (ILT), and her first meeting will be in the UK in June. Thankfully she copes well with being the only female (see photo) in meetings.