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Churches and Canyons

This past month six people were baptised at church, we visited some amazing canyons in Albania, and Féy had a quick trip to Gloucester. We're currently away in Macedonia for our annual Prayer Days. This year two new ECM families in Bulgaria will be joining us for the first time. Our Prayer Days are a time to be refreshed in the Word , to worship together, and also to share and pray together with one another. There will be 13 adults in our group, and then 15 children and three children's workers in the kids & teens groups.

Just over a week ago our church held a baptism service, and six people were baptised. They were an interesting group of people: an ex-prisoner & drug addict, three family members of a prisoner, a solo mum and a teenager. It was a joy to celebrate with them, so please join with us in praying for them all.

All but one of the discipleship groups that started up in the New Year have continued, however now that summer is here (the temp has been between 34°-38° this week), it is harder for people to be motivated to meet regularly.

A couple of weeks ago we went with some church members to a town called Poliçan to join in the celebrations of the church's 20th anniversary. While there we realised we were in a beautiful part of Albania that we had not been to before. We then had the opportunity to go back later that week with some church members who grew up in that area to explore the amazing canyons.

A couple of weeks ago Féy went to Gloucester in the UK for the ECM International Leadership Meetings, which she found very stimulating and encouraging.

Please pray for

  • The six people who were baptised

  • The discipleship groups over summer

  • Our Prayer Days this week

  • For safe travel to Bulgaria between the July 9 - 13