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Bible school update

All our students had a two-week break in their home villages over Easter. The first week they were on a practical assignment to assist the village pastor in evangelism and Easter services. They will be bringing back a written report from the pastor. The week after Easter is for them to have a break with their families (most are married), although they will probably have spent many hours helping with weeding and harvesting in their shamba (plot of land).

Chris is enjoying her teaching of English and of Teaching Methods. Her classes had a lot of fun before Easter, trying out different ways of acting out a Bible story, and an assignment awaits them next week to prepare a short play script on specific Bible narratives. Her English class (the struggling Group C) are now bouncing along with some confidence, which is heartening.

In Peter’s Worship lectures, they think through how worship has changed and evolved through the centuries, so it is involving Church History as well. They have some lively discussions. His responsibilities as Principal seem to expand as the weeks go by. He is constantly on demand, and making decisions that do not always please everyone. Keep praying for wisdom for him.

Please pray too for weekly evangelistic thrusts into local schools and institutions, such as Kondoa Girls’ Secondary School, the Teachers’ College, the nursing school, and a mixed Secondary School. Teams of students and staff from the Bible School are permitted to teach in these predominantly Muslim institutions beginning with the small Christian group of students, encouraging them in their witness. It is a huge opportunity but already there are obstacles presenting themselves … please pray!

Hearing God's Word

Imagine what it feels like to hear the Word of God spoken in your own language for the first time!  It was a pleasure to meet Johan Grubner, the head of an organisation called MegaVoice which is based in South Africa. Johan passed through Kondoa in February and we were able to spend a few hours with him. He had brought us two boxes full of solar-powered audio players loaded with the Bible in Swahili, Masai and Cigogo. They had been provided by NZ sponsors to distribute amongst the villages of Kondoa.

There are many people around here, old and young, that cannot read. Others have poor eyesight, or none at all. Thousands of others have never even heard the Gospel. This is their opportunity to listen to God’s Word for themselves. Village pastors and catechists who have these audio players find them an amazing tool for proclaiming the Word of God. They say many lives have been touched because of them. Pray for Spirit-led distribution.

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  1. Hi Chris and Peter. You were featured in our church (St Michaeal’s and All Angels Church Henderson) monthly missions update, the week after Easter. I put in the piece about the visiting choir that came down from Dar Es Saleem. It is marvellous to see you featured in the NZCMS update. I will put it up on the newsboard when I get back next week. I am currently in Australia with my family. God bless you in the work that you do.

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